Xmas Spinner

Updated On: 2018-06-23 01:21:53

119 total

Super set of 45 colorful Xmas spinners and more than 30 christmas themes!

Rotate the Xmas Spinner left / right and earn coins!

- To stop the Xmas Spinner, click on its middle.

- Wait until the Xmas Spinner stops - otherwise you will not get your last paycheck!

- More than 45 wonderful colorful Xmas and New Year Spinners

- More than 30 different colorful themes of x\as and new year celebration.

- Ability to compete with friends through a Google account.

- Ability to share the result of Google+.

- Support for phones and tablets.

- Tell us about your experience, rate our app and post a comment.

- If you have any questions, write to us.

Good luck!

Developer:F Games Studio | Support:alexanderfishel@gmail.com | Website:https://www.fishelstudio.com/games