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The most popular Newspapers of American at your fingertips

The application includes popular newspapers from all over the United States and the hottest international news updates here including the leading newspapers listed below.




-New York timea


-USA Today

- Fox News

- Mail Online

- Washington Post

- The Guardian


- LA Times

- Reuters

Features, characteristics

* The application is completely free news.

* The new information is updated every second continuously for 24 hours.

* Comprehensive information feature to help you keep up to date on new information quickly.

Support mode: read day and night to read.

* Support zoom in / zoom out text message size.

* The interface is designed specifically for reading.

* Smoother effects when reading newspapers.

* Apps and news related with all phones and tablets.

* Easily share your news or friends via Facebook.

* Fast, optimized for 3G / 4G / WiFi

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