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Make memorable moments of your life by using the turbans photo editor

Pathan & Afghan Turban Photo Editor & Changer 2017
Turbans-pathan punjabi afghan turban photo editor is a beautiful app for beautiful afghan and pathan people. Afghan and Pathan pakols changer editor or turban photo editor is very amazing pathan app for afghan pakols and turban lovers. Turbans-pathan punjabi afghan turban photo editor contain a big collection of afghan and pakhtoon and balochi turban and Punjabi turban and afghan traditional cap turban photo editor .
*User friendly graphics afghan turban photo editor .
* 30 Plus turban and Pakols .
* you can increases and decrees turban and pakols transparency. 
* resize your picture and share with your friends on social media. 
How To Use:
First open the afghan turban photo editor and click on start button .
Select your photo from camera or gallery .
Now edit your photo and attach the afghan and pakols on your photo make your self as pakhtoon.

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