Temple Dancer

Updated On: 2018-06-23 01:41:51

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Dance ! Run !Cliff ! with Temple Dancer, Who running & Rolling in the Open Sky !!!

Temple Dancer is an adventurous running game, so run as fast as you can just like in subway run ! Rush for Temple, jump sky or jump across the large boulders; dive in air and make subway rush through hazardous cliffs and flying islands.You are welcome in temple dancer game. Tutorials, as the game starts tutorials will help you in sky dance as well as subway rush to become the best dancer in sky.

Temple Dancer is a type of skywalker games to rush for gold. Just swipe to jump in sky, turn and slide left right to avoid floating obstacles of galaxy.

Dance! Run! Cliff! With these Dancers, who is running & rolling in the open sky as well as subways rush. The way you jump sky will decide yours winning for this one of the best sky ,run-ner games of Android.

Love #1 runner+ challenges? Go with this toughest game to play! Temple Dancer is a new rush runner game where falling is just as important as running!

- Amazing game play with simple controls;
- Fantastic unique endless running game;
- Endless thrill from extreme rush runner!
- Super crazy & skywalker game
- #1 Fun runner+ game

Run as Dancer in sky or Dance With run or dance with subway run ! temple choose what you like more to grab the free runner+ challenge!

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