Ram Booster Pro

Updated On: 2018-06-23 01:27:51

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You can boost your RAM with single touch

You can boost your RAM with single touch. Touch boost button and clear running process. In Tasks tab you can swipe to clean individual process from ram memory. In more tab you also know about your internal and external memory status. Feature Enhance your OS performance Recover RAM memory Check your available memory Clean unused process clean your phone and make your cell phone booster? Your phone memory gets full which makes the wireless network seem slow and applications take longer to open and run or even it interrupts your favorite game. Memory Booster is the best choice to not only speed up your old device but also optimize RAM and clean my phone and make it faster Memory Booster has a compact design, intelligent processing systems adapt to any type of phone or tablet. It especially frees up the memory of the old phone with the highest performance, clean and speed your phone up. It is the best app for cleaning phone junk, cache, ram memory booster and cleaner

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