Metal Quiz Tyrant

Updated On: 2018-04-26 03:17:36

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Hail, brothers of metal! This is your app!!!!!

Hail brothers of metal!!! Here comes the most METAL app in the market, METAL QUIZ TYRANT!!!.

Check if your soul is as METAL as you think it is, and come with us through the history of metal. You´ll have to answer questions about all kind of styles and bands, from Mötley Crue to Craddle of Filth, and many others like Metallica, Slipknot or Mastodon. There are more than 100 metal bands in our app, a challenge to your METAL wisdom.

Play the TYRANT mode if you like the level-mode with incremental difficulty, or the NORMAL mode if you prefer just to answer questions without a level system.

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