Keep Teeth Healthy

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Cure the teeth of your patient and make them healthy again

Welcome to the newest game that will let you become a dentist! Your patient is in a lot of pain and would like you to treat his aching tooth. Use the smartphone to download for free the latest Keep Teeth Healthy game and make sure to stop a serious toothache that is troubling your patient on the chair. Restore a charming smile to this person who is suffering. The kids, both boys and girls, will adore testing out dental instruments and this top app will be so beneficial for teaching them what each of those tools is used for. Keep dental hygiene of your patient and as a dentist deal with all the teeth problems that you will find in the mouth. The popular Keep Teeth Healthy can be played on tablet too, so kids, grab this fantastic opportunity and install the cool virtual dentist game with only several clicks.                                                



- Professional dental instruments   

- Efficient tools for whitening teeth 

- Gorgeous stickers for decorating each tooth 


You will get the chance to select the patient you wish to fix and the treatment can begin. Put the saliva ejector and detect the problems with these teeth. Use a mouth mirror and a dental explorer to clean up teeth. Tooth paste and a tooth brush are also at your disposal and you could also apply the spray against bad breath if that is necessary. After performing the cleaning you will discover how many teeth are there with caries. Give your patient anesthesia with a syringe and use a dentist's drill to remove all the tooth decay. Place the filling in the cavity of the tooth and it will fix the problem. Become a virtual dentist on your tablet and have tons of fun while fixing your patient's teeth.While consuming food calculus can be formed on our teeth, and this patient of yours is ready for a cleanup. Use dental instruments placed in the popular Keep Teeth Healthy to clean these stains and make the teeth healthy again. If the problem with your patient is very serious, and he/she is having a strong toothache, then you should consider having a dental X-ray and find out what is the problem. Use orthodontic pliers and extract the aching tooth. Don't miss out on giving your patient anesthesia, since otherwise it will be so painful. Healthy and aligned teeth are the wish of us all, and your patient will have to wear braces in order to straighten his/her teeth. Don't pull out the saliva ejector and make sure to use the spray for disinfection.              

The kids who are dreaming of becoming dentists are going to be thrilled with the latest Keep Teeth Healthy application since it is going to let them fix teeth on their phone or tablet. Give your patient a gorgeous smile by making his/her teeth white and shiny. Apply the whitening paste or laser to get the beautiful white color of them and lose yellow stains. When teeth are clean and healthy again they can be decorated with cool dental stickers. Find the one you think is best for your patient and place it on a certain tooth. This can be a star, a unicorn, a shining diamond or anything else. Get rid your patient of a troubling toothache and fix the teeth that are causing problems. Not only children can enjoy this top game. Adults will also be thrilled to give their best at being dentists. The newest Keep Teeth Healthy game is absolutely free of charge, so get it right now!                      

How to play: 

- Take your pick on the patient you want to treat

- Examine the teeth and determine their condition

- Use dental instruments to cure cavities and rotten teeth

- Cure calculus, stains and apply braces where necessary

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