Icons Quest

Updated On: 2018-04-25 01:40:28

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A funny guess the word style game when the goal is to arrange the letters to find the mysterious word

Icons Quest is a funny guess the word (or 4 pics 1 word) style game, the goal of this game is to arrange the letters to find a mysterious word. To guess the mysterious word you have up to 4 icons or emoticons related with the hidden word. There are some special levels when you have to guess movies, places, videogames and more. You can unlock more levels with stars.

This app tests your knowledge at solving words puzzles, if you get stuck on a level you can try to use an hint or ask to your friends.

There are some different hints you can use to pass a level:

- Add a related icon (up to 4 icons or emoticons)

- Add a correct initial letter (up to 3 letters)

- Delete some incorrect letters (up to 3 times)

To use an hint you need some coins but do not run out of coins if you want to solve all the levels. You earn coins every time you guess a word. Use the coins also in the shop to improve your score or to earn more stars and coins quickly. The app also have world leaderboards and additional achievements to make the gameplay more interesting.

You have a lot of words to guess with a lot of different emoji, download now the app for free, test your skill and have fun !!!

Game walkthrough here: http://pentawire.altervista.org/?section=14&pageID=10

Developer:Pentawire | Support:penatwire@gmail.com | Website:http://pentawire.altervista.org