Accell Fruit

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Accell Fruit - fun, free, catch fruit game for all family members.

Accell Fruit - is cheerful, free game for all family members.

Today, everyone catch bubbles.

But why you need to catch the bubbles?

Let's catch fruits, vegetables and berries!

- It helps to you or your child learn to distinguish fruits, berries and vegetables in a playful way.

- Based on visual perception and intuitive perception of different berries, fruits and  vegetables like apple, peach, blackberry, pumkin and so on.

- Game develops motor skills.

Leans to the Left / to the Right to get the plaints in to the relevant basket.

The game contains 40 levels.

Available 2 modes of game "Accell Fruit":

Mode "Lite": Can catch all fruits, vegetables and berries, even into wrong basket, but score will be decreased.

Mode "Hard": should catch only "right" plants.

Each mode contain 20 levels

After completing of every 5 levels are added new types of fruits, vegetables and berries.

- Contains following plants:

* Fruits:          apple, pear, peach, persimmon

* Vegetables: tomato, pumkin, cabbage, pepper

* Berries:        blackberry, raspberry, bilberry, strawberry.

- Supports phones and tablets

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- If you have any questions, please email us.

Good Luck!

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